Testimonials for Beta reading/Proofreading services:

"I had not guessed that Jenny’s feedback would have me scrambling to rewrite major portions of my novel. However, it did, and my plot is much better for it. Her best feature as a beta reader is that she is brutally honest paired with that face that she is always right. Her feel for characterizations is beyond par. She enters the skins of the characters, feels what they do, and then points out when something is jarring or “out of character” in a given scene. This makes her feedback better than gold.

She also has a gimlet eye for detail. Even while beta reading she would point out grammatical mistakes or errors in punctuation. I asked her to come back on as proof reader, and she has done a stellar job with that, too, fishing out small mistakes that had escaped everyone else’s eyes (despite the fact that I have some very good eyes working on my final draft!). I am re-hiring her for a last read through of my book before submitting—if I have made any typos in the final tweak, she will “search and destroy” them for me."
-Kavita Ramesh 

"I sent my manuscript, “Trembling Truth”,  to Jenny for beta reading and I found her feedback very helpful. Her comments were straight to the point, honest, and  polite while giving the feedback. I highly recommended  her for beta reading. I will definitely work with her again."

"Jenny has a keen eye for detail. In beta reading my novel, she gave me line-by-line feedback on everything from first impression to pace to voice, structure and even minor things like character likability.
Jenny gave me line-editor caliber notes and provided me with solid suggestions on what to improve, and tactfully voiced her thoughts about what did not work.
I definitely would use her services again, and will recommend her to any writer friend who needs beta reading services."
-kat c

"I’m a Russian writer who is trying to get international, so I needed a native speaker to seriously fix my book.Jenny went through my book attentively and corrected all my “Russian English”. She reconstructed the sentences, fixed the grammar errors and did  an amazing work with the whole book.
Jenny is person whom you can trust with your book, I'm sure she won't disappoint.
I highly recommend her for proofreading work." 
-Nero Seal

Upon researching for beta readers, Jenny's profile stood out to me. Her reading experience, along with her passion and love of reading really shined through. She gave precise feedback upon each chapter. What she liked, her intrigues, what worked and didn't work, and what she hoped for on the incoming chapters. She was excellent in her feedback, as she not only pinpointed errors and mistakes, but also how to make the book better. Also want to point out that communication with Jenny was fantastic throughout, and she really goes above and beyond with not only her feedback, but also making sure you feel secure knowing you've made a great choice in hiring her. I know for a fact I will be hiring her again in the hopefully near future :). She is a diamond in the rough, and that's more than I could have ever asked for. 
-James W

Jenny is a very thorough beta reader.  The feedback she provided after ever chapter was extremely detailed.  She opened up about the emotions she felt while reading.  She explained the parts that worked and the parts that needed a little more detail.   She commented on character development and plot lines.  What I most appreciated was her reaction to the story as it was happening, it was very helpful.  I will hire her again in the future.
-Bekka Brooks

I'm really glad that I reached out to Jenny for beta reading my manuscript. She's very professional and has been a great help in improving the first draft of my novel. She's very honest with her feedback. If something's not working for the story, she'll say it, plus also give you suggestions on how to improve it.

It was a pleasure to work with her and would definitely hire her for my future novels. 


I hired Jenny for an action spy Novel. As per the feedback I can say she read the novel chapter by chapter unlike some beta readers who will read initial chapters and final chapters and give their opinions. She mentioned what she liked most ,what are not working and length of scenes etc as per reader's perspective. The beta reading will help writers as sometimes they attach to their story and ignore the flaws. So definitely the beta reading helped me to improve the novel.


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