Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review: Captive Prince

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Hey. all! Here's a mini review of Captive Prince. 
I've been reading this book for months. Not because it's slow, but I just never got a chance to continue. But I started it few days ago, and you know what? I finished it in only two days! It's that good. I don't usually read M/M, in fact this is the first book I have read in that genre. I had read some reviews before starting it, and I had gotten the rough idea that this book was mainly focused on romance, and even gave off the vibe that it was slightly erotica. Which it isn't. And it doesn't even have romance. Yes, there are a lot of explicit scenes like violence and rape, but they all were used for building up the plot. There are many historical fictions which includes such scenes, so it wasn't really shocking, not for me at least. But if the above things makes you uncomfortable, then this book might not be for you.

This book focuses a lot on the characters than the world building. But that's not a negative thing. It's a character driven story, so it was fascinating how much the relationship between the two main characters developed throughout the book. There was a lot of politics involved too, since the main characters were princes ( though one was disguised as a slave in the book). This book, with all its characters and strong plot, was really an enjoyable read.

My only reason for reading this book was the hype. Yes, I do read books based on popularity. And I've found some really great books through it, just like this one. I have already got the second book, which I'm planning to read very soon. Also, I've been hearing that the second book gets much better, so it better not disappoint.

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