Monday, 6 March 2017

Book subscription box: BooksnBeyond unboxing

Books n Beyond unboxing! 

So, everyone knows about book subscriptions, right? All that amazing bookish merchandise, packed together and sent off to you every month, who doesn't like that? It's one of the best things when it comes to getting something other than books. And usually these boxes includes surprise goodies, which just adds on to the excitement! 

There are a lot of book subscription boxes out there, but I'm here to talk about an Indian book subscription box which was launched few months and since I am their representative for this month, I received their totally awesome march box, and its theme was SHERLOCKED. It was perfect for all the sherlock fans, and included some great products!! 

Listing down all the items that are in the picture - 

1. Book sleeve (Bleeve❤) It was sherlock inspired, and one of my most favorite things. It is so soft and cute, I'm going to carry my book in it wherever I go!

2.  Two packets of coffee. Since I'm obsessed with coffee, I couldn't have asked for more☕ And it smells so good! 

3. Two magnetic bookmarks which are totally adorbs!! they're my first magnetic bookmarks and I absolutely love it❤ 

4. "I Am Sherlocked" Pillow case!❤ Another favourite of mine, since I've always wanted pillow case of my favorite fandom!!

5. A cute stationery pouch which had pencils from PanMacmillan. ✏

6. Sherlock themed colouring cards. Can't wait to color them 

7. A notebook with really cool sherlock cover. It has blank pages so you can use it for any creative purpose.📘

8. Four various bookmarks❤

9. Sherlock poster.

10. And the book of this month was - Who Killed Sherlock Holmes by Paul Cornell 

Yes, all these wonderful things were included in it!! I am absolutely in love with this box, and the contents are of great quality too! The book Who Killed Sherlock Holmes sounds really interesting, and I can't wait to start it! The magnetic bookmarks and pillow case, among other things, were definitely the highlight of this box!

 What I really adored was the Book sleeve that was included in it. Since I love to read almost everywhere, and love to carry books with me, this was much needed and perfect for my books so that they don't get damaged. And how could I forget coffee?! Yes, two packets of coffee were included in this box, which for a person like me who is obsessed with coffee, was perfect! 

If you're thinking of getting a subscription box, your search has ended here!! I highly recommend Books n Beyond! They include quality products, and their rates are also very affordable. Plus, they also make custom boxes according to your need and occasion! 

Here's some information about this subscription box, if you're interested and want to it for yourself, or gift it! :) 

Their website - Books n Beyond 

Instagram page where you can find sneak peaks and pictures of their past boxes - @booksnbeyondbox

And yes, they do ship internationally!! So doesn't matter where you're from, you can order this awesome subscription box! 

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