Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren


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Me: I am tired of reading all those heavy books, let's find some funny and light romance.

Me: Searches fluffy romance on Gr. Annoyed to find out I've read most of the books. Comes across Beautiful what?? Bastard and decides to read it.

Alright, I guess you all know what happened after this from my rating. Yes, I did read this book. And yes, I hated it. Hate is too strong a word, but nothing else can describe my annoyance for this book.

I expected this book to be a funny romance, but what I got? A disappointment. You know, you go into a book, expecting the characters to meet, get attracted to each other, and also maybe flirt? But what's in this book? Sex. And it starts from page 17. And until then, there's only rambling of how Mr Ryan is a jerk. And there isn't even any sort of chemistry between them! It was such a boring read, with jokes which weren't even funny.

I don't know why I keep picking up such books. Maybe in the hopes that I'll find some nice quick reads. I do like a nice chick-lit, and I loved books like Playing For Keeps , Tangled , etc. But this book is nothing like those. To give you an idea about what's in this entire book, here are two gifs which sums up the entire story:

I would definitely not recommend this book! 

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