Beta reading services

I am now offering beta reading and proofreading services.

I have always loved reading books, and that's the reason I am now offering beta-reading services. I have been reviewing books on  Goodreads for a while now,  and also on my blog. You can check out my Goodreads profile for my reviews- My profile page  I have also beta read and proofread for a few authors in the past, so I am familiar with the process and will give attention to every detail. 

Check out the testimonials of my past work here - Testimonials

Genres I prefer: I read almost everything, mostly young adult, fantasy, romance (any sub genre), contemporary, chick-lit, paranormal, and new adult. I don't accept non-fiction.

Beta reading: First of all, I'd like to clear out that beta reading and proofreading are completely different. In beta reading, it will be more of an overall feedback of your book. 

Things you can expect from me: 

-My feedback will be completely honest. 

-I won't hesitate in pointing out anything that doesn't work, but I will also suggest ways to improve it. In addition to that, I always make sure to convey what I loved in the book.

- My feedback will include flow of the story, character development, world building, dialogues, and pace of the story.

- My turnaround time is between one to two weeks, depending upon the length of the novel. I can also get back to you faster if there's any dead line. 

Proofreading: In proofreading, I will focus on grammatical errors, punctuation, tenses, spelling errors, and any other typos. 

For my rates, just send me an email with the word count and genre of your book and I will get back to you.

- I will require your complete manuscript for either services. (preferably in Word document format)
- If you are unsure, I can also show you a sample of my work.
- Let me know if you want me to focus on any specific area so that I can give you a proper feedback on it.

So if you decide to hire me, you can contact me via email:
You can also drop me an email if you have any questions. 
Thanks! :) 


  1. I'm so glad you put this up, Jenny. You're an amazing beta reader, and I was lucky to have you read my novel. Be sure to make some space for proof reading the finished draft. I am aiming for mid-August. Hope you're free then. (If not, make time! ;p )

    1. Thank you so much! :) Haha, you know I'll never say no to your book ;P

  2. Great. Locked in for mid-August then? Awesomeness! :) <3

  3. Thank you Jenny for dealing with my book! You seriously are amazing! Thank you for beta reading and correcting all my errors and mistakes!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that my feedback helped you :)