Sunday, 24 July 2016

24 in 48 - Wrap Up Post

This was the first time I participated in #24in48 readathon in which you had to read for 24 hours out of 48 hours, and the readathon was held on in Twitter by @24in48readathon on 23 & 24 of this month! Though I didn't read for 24 hours, I did complete 18 hours which I am very happy with! And needless to say, it was crazy keeping up with reading, updating your progress, and in meanwhile struggling not to get distracted on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter! I don't normally read this much, and it amazing to see how much I was able to read in only two days when it takes me about a week to read the same.

So here is the final update of what I read during the readathon: 

I started off with More Than This which I was already reading when the readathon started so for exact count, I read last 50% of  More Than This which took 3 hours to complete( I read it on Kindle so it's not in the pic). 
After that I started Dumplin', which was a light read but I was able to finish it in 6 hours! ( I know, even I was surprised to see how many hours I usually spend to read a book!) 

Eleanor & Park was probably the second best book I read (first is More Than This) in this readathon, I loved it and finished it in about 4.5 hours hours. 

And the last book was The Last Star, which took a bit more than 4.5 hours but I rounded off. 

And yes, I will be reviewing all these books in next few days! This readathon was so much fun! I really didn't think I would be able to read for so many hours considering all the other things I had to focus on in personal life, and even though it exhausted me, because....very little sleep,  I am still happy that I was able to reach at 18 hours mark. Also it was great to see so many other readers' updates on Twitter, and to everyone who was able to finish the 24 hours goal- You guys are AMAZING!! If you want to participate in next readathon, do follow 24in48 Readathon page for updates. The next #24in48 readathon will be on 21-22 january, 2017!

Do let me know if you had participated and how many hours your were able to read in comments!