Friday, 6 October 2017

Review: This Savage Song by Victoria Scwab


I finished this book a few minutes ago and I'm......speechless. I've been a fan of Victoria Schwab's stories ever since I read A Darker Shade of Magic few years ago. And I'll admit that I was hesitant starting this book because her Shades of Magic series had set up pretty high expectations, and even though I really enjoyed this book, ADSOM series will always remain my favorite. <3

I love reading fantasy, and the reason she's one of my favorite authors is how different her stories are. There are tons of books on monsters and villians, but her stories always stand out from others.
Schwab has a way with words that makes her stories so compelling and unique, the world filled with villains and monsters and yet you can't help but connect with the characters. The characters are so well written in this book, the way the reason behind the existence of monsters is depicted, it was all too brilliant. There's no doubt that whatever she writes, I'm going to read it.

This entire book was one crazy journey with badass characters who fought monsters,  had an evil purpose but on the inside were just two people who were trying to stay alive and not let their evil side destroy the world. It was so much fun following August and Kate's lives, how their characters developed, and my opinion about them in the beginning was so wrong. And after first half of the book, I just flew through the pages because so much was happening at once, a lot of things were at risk, and all I wanted was to see how August and Kate would deal with it.

And I must admit that I wasn't too impressed with the ending, hence four stars. I just felt like it was not that epic, considering all the action there was in the book. The ending was just too....simple? Anyways, I still loved reading it.  I'm still really looking forward to read Our Dark Duet, because I just  have  to know how this story ends. And since I already have the second book, I'm highly considering picking it up straight away.

If you're a fan of fantasy or love Victoria Schwab's work, then I would definitely recommend this book. It's a really good book with strong plot and amazing characters!!!

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