Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review: The Girl in 6E

My rating.
Wow! It sure was an interesting and quick read. I didn't even have this book on my tbr, was unsure about the story as erotica doesn't go well with me and the books I usually read, yet I couldn't put it down once I started it! I think I first heard of this book from one of my friends here when I was reading Cam Girl, and at that time I hadn't given it much thought, but I am really glad that I decided to read it. Well, it's entertaining to read a twisted book once in a while ;) And twisted doesn't even come close to describing this book. There is so much more in this book!

It's a story about a girl who keeps herself locked in an apartment. Because she is constantly thinking of killing people. All her thoughts are about her urges to kill people, if she ever came across one. If this is not crazy enough for you, then there's more: killings, murders, countless gore scenes, and huge mystery surrounding the main characters. But still, strangely entertaining. lol that was not what I expected to say after finishing the book, but yes, it really was an entertaining book!

I also liked the multiple povs, which managed to cover the mystery and still kept me intrigued to read further. The main character, Deanna's pov  was the best. Even though half of the things in the beginning made me cringe and second guess my decision for reading this book, it was amazing how much Deanna's character was developed by the end. I didn't expect there to be a miracle and her to be suddenly normal, especially after knowing about her past and her situation, it was still good to see how far she had come.

I really liked how things played out at the end, so I don't know about the sequels, but for now, I really enjoyed this one. Also, there is a lot of violence and graphic content, but everything was written with keeping the plot in mind. It focused more on the mystery and characters so I didn't mind the graphic scenes that much.  Overall, it was a great read and I would definitely recommend it to people who like mysterious and twisted plots. I am not sure about the ratings because even though I really  enjoyed the book, there were many repetitive scenes in the first half. So it's more like 3.5 stars, but I am rounding it off to 3. 


  1. I can't believe you've read 87 books already this year. How on earth do you make the time? O_o

    Great review, btw. =)

    1. haha, it also includes short stories ;)