Saturday, 29 October 2016

Review: No Safe Zone by Adite Banerjie

My rating.
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3.4 stars
Let me start off by saying that 3.5 stars is not a bad rating, I really enjoyed this book, but didn't love it as much. This book was really entertaining. And with its fast-paced action scenes and super hot romance, it was very close to get 4 stars. I fell in love with author's writing style. The writing of the book was definitely a treat for me, because every scene was crafted beautifully, and being a sucker for love stories, I fell in love with the scenes between Kabir and Qiara This book was also a very quick read, and I finished it in only few hours.

The story revolves around two main characters, Kabir and Qiara, who are once again brought together by a situation neither of them would have imagined. Qiara's life turns upside down since the moment she arrives in Delhi. She witnesses a murder, and after that there's only running from goons, politicians, and trying to save herself and the organisation she's working with.

I found Qiara's character to be very strong. During this whole thing, she never gave up and always fought with everything she had. I really admire characters like her. And right when all this starts, Kabir enters into her life once again. Kabir is no doubt the guy you'd want as your book boyfriend. He saves her from dangerous situations, is always by her side, and has all the swoon-worthy qualities!!

I loved the romance in this book!! There were funny dialogues, adorable scenes, catchy one-liners, and more importantly, the hot romance!! The romance part gets full five starts from me <3 50="" a="" about="" after="" also="" am="" and="" as="" background="" book.="" book="" br="" but="" by="" completely="" everything="" going="" handled="" happy="" huge="" i="" in="" it="" later="" like="" me="" must="" mystery="" of="" part="" parts="" place.="" really="" revealed="" revelations="" say="" shocking.="" some="" story="" surprise="" talk="" that="" the="" this="" thought="" to="" took="" trafficking="" very="" was="" way="" were="" with="" women="">
Having said all that, I think that if the thriller element of this book was different, or more interesting, I would have loved it even more. The villains are shown immediately after some chapters, so it kind of dulled the mystery around it as I didn't have guess who was behind this whole murder. I would have love some mystery in this story, because the ending kind of felt flat since I already knew from the beginning who was that person. Other than that, there were many shocking scenes and revelations, especially in second half of the story, which I really enjoyed.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. And I am really looking forward to read other books by Adite Banerjie

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