Saturday, 5 November 2016

Books and us!

You guys might be wondering what I am up to, with this weird title which hardly make sense? Well, I’ve been thinking about how much we book nerds read in a day, and when you think about it, we unknowingly ( or knowingly) start implying them in real life. And I’m not talking about inspirational book, no. I am talking about how reading books have changed our choices and tastes.
So I’m going to share how reading books have influenced my life.

#1 Shopping:
Okay, so first thing that comes in my mind when I am being told to spend money? You guessed it: I would go straight off to a bookstore rather than getting clothes or other such things( what happened to basic necessities? We would never know) . And that’s not it. These days, my Mugs, Carry bags, etc are inspired by books.

Yeah, I’d rather look like a complete nerd than dress up like cool people. (Even John Green agrees ;) )

#2 OTPs

Do I even need to say anything? I mean, I could spend hours, in fact I actually DO spend hours and hours fangirling/stalking/obsessing over my OTPs. And list of my OTP is NEVER ENDING!! I don’t think it’s even normal for a person to obsess over so many ships lol. But I never claimed to be normal, so I’m allowed to do it.

#3 Book boyfriends

Who else agrees that book boyfriends has completely spoiled us? I mean we know that they’re not real. Oh, who am I kidding? They are real, for us (remember all that crying over emotional scenes? ) And these male characters have set the expectations so high that I find it crazy to even find someone like that in real life ( If there is, I haven’t met you yet :P)
To all my book boyfriends:

#4 Booksting

Remember those days, years ago, when we used to text our friends and catch up? Well, we still do that, but it’s more Book texting, hence booksting. ( lol I have no idea why I made it up) If you talk to me about my life, the conversation will be over in few minutes, but books? I have legit spent hours talking about books and annoying my friends. It’s great when you’re talking to fellow booknerd, but try talking to your real life friends. And it’s actually more fun because they would never argue with me and I can fangirl or rant as much as I like ;P

#5 Selfies? Nah!

Okay, I admit that I still love to take selfies, but if I go through my pictures, I’d find more pics of books or me AND books than me alone. You see, books are more important to me, they're like living, breathing person, so don't come at me when I do a photoshoot of me and my books, because that's totally normal.  It’s like every place I go, I have to have a picture, and I don’t care if half of the people think I’m mad, because we’re all mad here. See what I did there? ;)

So yeah, my life is pretty much surrounded by books right now, and if you read this far, so is yours. These were some of the things which we bibliophiles do in our life. Do comment below if you can connect to this post, and also can also add things which you do apart from this! I would love to read it :D

Happy reading, you amazing people!!

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