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Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

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“We're more than the sum total of our choices, that all the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.”

This is one of those books which mess up with your mind. Not just once, throughout the story, and in the creepiest way. This is also one of the weirdest books I've read, I mean it's not often you get to read a sci-fi book with such enthralling and gripping plot, and which explores the idea of multiverse. How cool is that? But while the idea does sound appealing, this story shows a dark side of it. And it's terrifying, to be honest.

“No one tells you it’s all about to change, to be taken away. There’s no proximity alert, no indication that you’re standing on the precipice. And maybe that’s what makes tragedy so tragic. Not just what happens, but how it happens: a sucker punch that comes at you out of nowhere, when you’re least expecting it. No time to flinch or brace. The”
The beginning seemed like it was taken out of some horror movie: Jason, the main character, gets abducted by a stranger and wakes up in a strange place, where people knows who he is, but he has got no idea who these people are, or what he's doing here. People also mistakes him for the person he isn't, which also makes him doubt his earlier life: was that life a dream? Or is this a dream he's having which feels like a reality? He doesn't know what's real: the thing he's experiencing right now which is strangely similar to his life, but still totally different, or the memories he have of his past. At one point, even I started to think that he was dreaming one of these thing. But how wrong was I!

“We're all just wandering through the tundra of our existence, assigning value to worthlessness, when all that we love and hate, all we believe in and fight for and kill for and die for is as meaningless as images projected onto Plexiglass.”

Along with this multiverse theory, there was also an emotional part of the book I felt very connected to. Reading through the pages, through Jason's mind and his struggles to get back to his wife and his son, but not knowing how, got me emotional and made me think how you take people for granted, and how terrifying it is when you realize it's too late to change that. It also focused on the choices that we make, in fact, the whole book kind of focused on the choices Jason made and how it affected his life.

During the whole book, the only thing I could think of was "I have to figure out what the hell is going on!" And you know what? Just when I thought I had figured out a bit about how the story was going unfold, new twist would come up, one more crazier version of this story. I finished it in one sitting, because I just couldn't put the book down without knowing how it will end.

Dark Matter is a really unique book with a very interesting plot. I must say that this entire story was a complete roller-coaster. I would always come up with my theory of what was happening, and the book would always prove me wrong, and the ending was most shocking of all, because I never saw it coming. Jason's story got a perfect ending, and while it wasn't really a big of a climax, it fitted perfectly. It was kind of obvious, especially how the author has given so many hints, but still I wasn't able to guess the ending. This book is definitely one of best Sci-fi books I've read and I highly recommend it!

I think this quote sums up my entire thoughts for the book:

“We all live day to day completely oblivious to the fact that we’re a part of a much larger and stranger reality than we can possibly imagine.”

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